Valorant Merchandise

Riot Games has pulled out all the stops to promote this year’s Champions tournament, where the Valorant Champions 2022 will be crowned. In an official tweet that surfaced on August 18, it was revealed that the company would be releasing the Valorant Champions Apparel Collection VCT 2022. This limited edition offering is based on the core theme for the event, “Fear/None.”

The all-new merchandise collection was made available on August 24, and fans could visit to get their hands on it. Below are the details regarding

Valorant Merch


VALORANT is a competitive tactical shooter from the first-person perspective. It takes place on a near-future Earth and features a cast of characters known as agents, each of which have their own unique set of abilities to create tactical opportunities.

Ten players are divided into two teams, Attackers and Defenders, with the goal of winning the most rounds. In order to win a round, a team must eliminate the opposing team or complete their team-specific spike objective. First team who reaches 13 rounds, wins the game. The game starts in a lobby, where players have to lock in their Agent.

The lobby lasts for 80 seconds or until everyone has locked in their Agent. Only one of each Agent can be selected on each team and players cannot see which Agent has been picked on the opposing team until the first Buy Phase. The Buy Phase occurs before each round and lasts for 30 seconds. During Buy Phase, most areas of the map are inaccessible and the two teams cannot meet each other. Therefore, Attackers cannot enter sites and are only limited to areas near their spawn zone, while the Defenders can move freely between sites, but not further than that. Players are also allowed to buy weapons, shields, and abilities during this phase.

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